Repeater Unit

Repeater Unit

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Repeater Unit

088U0230 Repeater unit for CF2 systemCF-RUDanfoss Link™ Repeater unit for extending transmission range between Danfoss Link™ CC, Connect thermostats, Room Sensors and other connected components


Aplikacioni list
CF2 Wireless Floor Heating System
CF2_VASPL102.pdf (2,2 Mb), Literatura broj: VASPL102, Jezik: English, Datum objave: 02/04 2009

Danfoss Floor Heating - System overview
VPSPB402_FHH_Pricelist_Nov2014_low-res.pdf (1,0 Mb), Literatura broj: VPSPB402, Jezik: English, Datum objave: 12/11 2014

Danfoss Link CC + CF-RU Inlay
VFFZA202.pdf (0,2 Mb), Literatura broj: VFFZA202, Jezik: English, Datum objave: 03/03 2015

Wireless Floor Heating Control System CF2+
EU Declaration CF2 (VJSUA102v03).pdf (0,5 Mb), Literatura broj: VJSUA102, Jezik: English, Datum objave: 01/06 2016

Designing hydronic floor heating - Get the optimum results
FHH_CFC_Application-guide_VKDYD302_lo-res.pdf (3,6 Mb), Literatura broj: VKDYD302, Jezik: English, Datum objave: 18/01 2017
Hydronic floor heating - Easy, proven and profitable
FHH_CFC_Product-guide_VKDYC202_lo-res.pdf (5,7 Mb), Literatura broj: VKDYC202, Jezik: English, Datum objave: 01/12 2015
Hydronic floor heating - Easy, proven and profitable
FHH_CFC_Product-guide_VKDYC302.pdf (12,4 Mb), Literatura broj: VKDYC302, Jezik: English, Datum objave: 19/05 2017

Cross-selling brochure for installers
VBFZH202_Sep2014Lowres.pdf (2,3 Mb), Literatura broj: VBFZH202, Jezik: English, Datum objave: 15/09 2014
Danfoss Icon - Made to match your switch frames
VBSUG202_Danfoss_HS_Icon_Installer_brochure_3rd_Party_low-res.pdf (0,6 Mb), Literatura broj: VBSUG202, Jezik: English, Datum objave: 19/12 2016
Why choose floor heating? Comfort, a lower heating bill and much more...
FHH_CFC_End-user_VBDYC302_hi-res.pdf (10,8 Mb), Literatura broj: VBDYC302, Jezik: English, Datum objave: 12/07 2017

Tehnički katalog
CF2 Data sheet
CF2_X000024_VDUHJ302.pdf (4,0 Mb), Literatura broj: VDUHJ302, Jezik: English, Datum objave: 04/03 2011
CF2+ Data sheet
CF2plus-data-sheet.pdf (1,9 Mb), Literatura broj: VDSPN102, Jezik: English, Datum objave: 31/08 2011
CF-WR Wireless Relay
CF-WR_X012229_VDSPJ102.pdf (0,2 Mb), Literatura broj: VDSPJ102, Jezik: English, Datum objave: 12/07 2011
Repeater Unit for Danfoss Link and CF2 Systems
RepeaterUnit_X004992_VDFZD102.pdf (0,4 Mb), Literatura broj: VDFZD102, Jezik: English, Datum objave: 10/03 2011

Instruction CF-RU Repeater Unit
Danfoss-Link_RU_Installation_VIUHN61T_lo-res.pdf (0,5 Mb), Literatura broj: VIUHN61C, Jezik: (1C) DK,GB,DE,FR,IT,SE,NL,PL, Datum objave: 09/08 2010