The ChangeOver6 is a 6-port motorised ball valve that performs a diverting function between two water circuits in 4-pipe changeover system.


Tehnički podaci

Kataloški brojTypeConnectionSize
(s / 90°)
Supply voltage
Cable length

ChangeOver6 actuators

003Z3155 Actuator   8024 AC1,5
003Z3156 Actuator    8024 AC5,0
003Z3157 Actuator   8024 AC10

ChangeOver6 insulation

003Z3159 Insulation DN15    

ChangeOver6 valve

003Z3150 Motorized 6-port Ball ValveRp ½DN152,4   


ChangeOver valves - Manufacturer declaration
VJIHE102_Manufacturer declaration ChangeOver valve.pdf (0,2 Mb), Literatura broj: VJIHE102, Jezik: English, Datum objave: 31/08 2016
EC declaration - ChangeOver6 actuator
VJIHB102 ChangeOver6 actuator EU declaration of conformity_Signed.pdf (0,2 Mb), Literatura broj: VJIHB102, Jezik: English, Datum objave: 09/07 2015
EU declaration - Actuator NovoCon ChangeOver 6
VJHUD102 rev 02 Actuator NovoCon ChangeOver6 EU declaration.pdf (0,2 Mb), Literatura broj: VJHUD102, Jezik: English, Datum objave: 28/10 2016
ROHS declaration- ChangeOver6 actuator
VJIHC102 ChangeOver6 ROHS Manufactures Declaration_signed.pdf (0,1 Mb), Literatura broj: VJIHC102, Jezik: English, Datum objave: 09/07 2015

Hydronic Balancing & Control product overview
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Simply change between heating and cooling with the ChangeOver6
ChangeOver6_brochure_4p_VBIHA102_July2015_low-res.pdf (1,3 Mb), Literatura broj: VBIHA102, Jezik: English, Datum objave: 22/07 2015

Tehnički katalog
ChangeOver6 and NovoCon ChangeOver6 - Motorized 6-port Ball Valves
VDIHA602_ChangeOver6_and_NovoCon_ChangeOver6-Motorized_6-port_Ball_Valve.pdf (2,1 Mb), Literatura broj: VDIHA602, Jezik: English, Datum objave: 11/04 2019

6-port Motorized ChangeOver Ball Valve
VIIHA202_ChangeOver6.pdf (1,4 Mb), Literatura broj: VIIHA202, Jezik: English, Datum objave: 27/06 2016
Actuator NovoCon ChangeOver6
VIHUJ102_Actuator_NovoCon_ChangeOver6.pdf (1,1 Mb), Literatura broj: VIHUJ102, Jezik: English, Datum objave: 14/11 2016